Did you just get arrested and charged with a criminal offense? Chances are you are highly concerned and nervous about this situation. Doing the right thing at this stage is crucial. Sometimes the only way out of the situation is a plea agreement. A plea agreement is basically a negotiation that takes place between the defendant’s lawyer and prosecution. The court decides if the agreement is accepted or declined. There’s no trial if the court decides to accept the plea. If the court declines the plea, the defendant has the opportunity to withdraw the plea and choose to go to trial.

When is the right time to accept a plea agreement?

You will need to find out if the prosecutor has a strong case for reviewing it. If you or your attorney determine the prosecutor has a good case built against you, accepting a plea bargain could be the right decision for your situation. brings along.

The following factors can determine the strength of case:

  • Can the evidence prove you are guilty?
  • Can a witness prove you are guilty?
  • Harsh outcomes for similar cases in the past

When to seek advice from an attorney

As soon as you have been arrested you need to seek advice from an attorney, especially before accepting a plea bargain. An attorney can suggest the right course of action that is in your best interest. Your attorney can give you a clear explanation of the situation and if the plea is good for you or not. Your attorney can also help you get a better deal. Sometimes prosecutors who are familiar with certain attorneys that have experience in this area will easily agree to a plea option.

Always think carefully about accepting the plea. It’s wise to analyze the plea and weigh the consequences according to the sentence you will receive. Accepting a plea deal and admitting the crime can negatively affect your life in the future. Common areas of your life that can be affected are not being able to secure a job or rent an apartment, depending on your crime.

Remember, once you accept a plea bargain you can’t say you were wrongly accused. This is why it’s best to always consult with an attorney, so the right decisions are made from the beginning of the process.

If you have been arrested for a crime, contact us today for further assistance before you sign the plea bargain.