Significant Federal Criminal Trials and Cases

Nathan Dorlon Clark has defended more than three hundred high-profile federal criminal cases since 1981, resulting in acquittals and dismissals of many counts, and the successful negotiations of many favorable pleas, outcomes, and sentencings in pre- and post-sentencing guideline cases . His first trial was in 1981, a second chair in the criminal prosecution by the United States Department of Justice of pre-1976 motion picture tax shelter promoters, which also resulted in his handling of a complex appeal with a published opinion by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. United States v. Barshov,  722 F.2d 842 (11th Cir. 1984).

Since that beginning, Nathan Dorlon Clark has successfully defended his clients, on cases which included non-tax counts, to verdicts of acquittals on multiple counts in the following cases (the significance of the distinction is that on tax counts ignorance of the law is an excuse, but in non-tax counts ignorance of the law is not an excuse, according to U.S. Supreme Court precedent):

USA  v. Blanco, Case No. 93-0518-CR-Hurley (S.D. Fla.) (18 count acquittal in one month trial of Wire Fraud/Money Laundering)

USA v. CortesCase No. 97-471-CR-Lenard (S.D. Fla.) (7 count acquittal in one month trial of Medicare Fraud/Money Laundering)

USA v. Talley, Case No. 06-20136-CR-Graham (S.D. Fla.) (3 count acquittal in one week trial of tampering with/intimidating witnesses in another Federal case)

USA v. Mathis, Case No. 99-10019-CR-Highsmith (S.D. Fla.) (Acquittal in one week trial of possession with intent to distribute cocaine in Key West)

n 2010, the Miami Chapter of the Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers awarded Nathan Dorlon Clark and each of the Liberty City Seven Defense team its annual “Against All Odds Award” in honor of criminal defense attorney Rodney Thaxton through 2 successive mistrials and a two count acquittal in the third trial, during a two year period . USA v. AUGUSTINE, Case No. 06-20373-CR-LENARD.

Other successful and effective representation in extraordinarily high-profile cases include the following:

USA v. MarshallAppellate Case No. 99-4041(11th Cir.) (Federal Sentencing Appeal of high profile Kathleen Ford Jewelry Heist)

USA v. ThenenCase No.96 711-CR- Hurley (S.D. Fla.) (Largest Fraud Case in Florida History-10 Year Cap in Life Case with 117 counts)

USA v. Thomas, Case No. 93-CR-Ungaro (S.D. Fla.) (First Federal Death Penalty Case in Southern District of Florida-Achieved plea for 5 Year cap)

USA v. Posner, Case No.82-352-CR-Spellman (S.D. Fla.) (High profile Tax Fraud as co-counsel with renowned Edward Bennett Williams & Hugh Culverhouse, Jr.)

USA v. Barshov722 F.2d 842 (11th Cir. 1984) (Trial and appeal of motion picture tax shelter)

USA v. Mendiola, CR-Paine (Check Kiting Plea to Probation-1983 Pre-Sentencing Guidelines)

USA v. Howard, CR-Paine (Bid Rigging Plea to Probation-1983 Pre-Sentencing Guidelines)

Significant State Criminal Trials and Cases

In addition to his private federal and state criminal defense practice, Nathan Clark enjoyed public sector service as a part-time Assistant Regional Counsel with the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel, Third Region of Florida, serving Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. He was with the agency since its inception in 2007 until 2014, and effectively represented over 625 indigent clients in complex legal and factual scenarios.

Significant Civil and Criminal Appeals